Exciting Plans

Bev S. 1 11:36 AM
Tonight I am going to see part-time ALP vocalist Lisa Moscatiello at J Patricks, an Irish club in Baltimore. I am in the closet about my British citizenship there because above the bar is a noose with a sign that reads "Irish Necktie: Made in England." They have excellent fish and chips and their Irish coffee sets the standard for me. J Patricks is at the corner of Fort and Andre near the Dominoes Sugar sign. You must check it out!! It is the best venue to hear Lisa perform and you can hear a pin drop when she does those a cappella celtic numbers.

Only If You've Been in the Deepest Valley

Bev S. Reply 2:27 PM
I will be traveling to Florida this weekend -- in fact I will be in the town where Aileen Wuornos was arrested. It is also near one of the aviation schools where terrorists learned to fly but not land. Although I look forward to the warmth the flash banner I did for my depressing release Nadir epitomizes how I feel about the sunshine state.

Reshuffling the Discography

Bev S. Reply 9:51 PM
OK, so I have been characterized as prolific but the truth is I have been at this for a long time and have lots of crap out! I think it overwhelms most people so I have tried to simplify the CD page. I have decided to take my pre-911 releases off the market and they are up at archive.org. I am still plagued by the problem of not having one vendor sell everything but you'll see everything is segregated, and I mean that in the most PC way possible. The only thing I haven't gotten round to are the streams of remix CDs, but I plan to take care of that soon since this seems to be a popular feature and I aim to please. So please, help me clear out the CD surplus in my closet!!!

Welcome to the New ALP.com

Bev S. 2 3:31 PM
Welcome welcome! I am thrilled to have entered the 21st century with my web presence. No more inline frames!!! Since I do web stuff for my dayjob I have neglected this site because the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at html code!!! However I finally figured out that instead of cruising the Drudge Report I can blog at work and look busy. A win win for everyone!!


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